Repeat Prescriptions:
In the interest of your health and safety, it is always best if you come in to have your prescription renewed. Invariably your blood pressure needs to be checked, your pap smear is due or your asthma medication needs review, so please make an appointment.

To ensure you get the most appropriate care, it is best to talk to your GP first if you want to consult a specialist. You can request a particular specialist, or your GP can recommend one.
Please note that it is illegal for us to back-date referrals, so please make sure you have a current referral BEFORE you see the specialist! Most referrals last 12 months from the date of writing.

Test Results:
To avoid any misunderstanding and to allow for discussion of abnormal results, it is generally best to come back and see your doctor to get your results.
Test results cannot be given over the telephone unless prior arrangements have been made with your doctor- usually this will be for routine tests only (such as an INR). As we have several part-time doctors please phone for these results when the doctor who ordered the test is working, unless it is an urgent result.
For reasons of privacy, test results can only be given to the patient and not to a family member, unless the patient is a child under 16 or has given the practice express permission to discuss their results with someone else.
If staff call you to come in and see your doctor to discuss results, please don’t panic – it is usually just because the matter is best discussed in person rather than over the phone.


All electronic data is subject to privacy principles and no confidential information can be transmitted without encryption. Therefore, we are unable to provide individual medical advice or receive any of your personal details via unencrypted emails. Thank you for your understanding.

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