As of 30th March, 2020:

All existing patients of the practice will now be able to access bulk billed telephone consultations with their usual GP instead of coming into the surgery.
Patients simply telephone the practice and book an appointment time. Your doctor will then call you at the designated time.
This is suitable for patients who require a repeat prescription, referrals, need to discuss their results or who would like counselling.

Some consultations may require seeing the patient and so we can set up a video conference call. This is run through health direct which is a secure and

encrypted site. Video calls are useful if we need to see a rash or wound, if you are hard of hearing and you need to read our lips, or if we need to determine how

unwell you are.

Please phone the surgery to book an appointment for a video call then follow the link and instructions below to access your video call.

Video telephone health call instructions and link

We request you register and test your video and audio systems 15 min before your appointment time

If you cannot get your video call up and running, call the surgery and a phone consult will be conducted instead or you may be asked to come in. You can also view the following link for help.

Troubleshooting a video call

Face to face consultations are still required for immunisations, dressings and if the doctor deems it necessary over the phone.
For everyone’s safety we ask that call for an appointment first, please do not attend without an appointment.
If you have a respiratory illness you will need to wear a mask and wait out in the hall to be directed to our isolation area.

Practice policy on video recording

 Our practice does not record telehealth video consultations and does not authorise patients to make their own separate recording of a telehealth video consultation.

Recordings are reserved for exceptional circumstances where it is absolutely clinically necessary. Where a video recording is required, the practice will meet community expectations and legal requirements to protect patient privacy. Exceptional circumstances for making a recording during a telehealth video consultation may include still images- photos (eg a wound or skin lesion) or moving images (eg a tremor, gait abnormality, unusual movement or range of movement) where such images are deemed to have clinical value.

Should a clinical recording be necessary, you (the patient), are asked to provide explicit prior consent and repeat this consent on camera.

Any recordings or images are stored securely in your (the patient’s) health record. The health record is managed, stored and accessed as per the Florence St Family Practice Privacy Policy

Equally, you (the patient) need to be mindful of the doctor’s privacy in relation to video recordings. You (the patient) cannot redistribute any recording in the public domain without the doctor’s consent.